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Ryde Line

mediating bars: from a line to dots

Type: Civic Center

Status: Schematic Design

Location: Ryde, Australia

Situated in an island surrounded by a large scale shopping center and small scale residential neighborhoods, a new Ryde Civic Hub should identify itself as a medium for connection between those two, not as an isolating obstacle. From this site condition, this project proposes and idea of a set of "Lines" that shifts from a Line-parallel to the shopping center-to Dots-similar scale to the residential neighborhoods, negotiating between the two different contexts. 



POSTER 1_328.jpg


Program: ‘Three Bars’ of buildings efficiently accommodate three different programmatic functions;first bar as a (key worker)housing, second bar as a civic & administration function and third bar as a public & commercial. The rest outdoor spaces are defined as a public gathering place, open to the general public.


Circulation:Evenly distributed cores and corridors foster convenient movements of people. Moreover, a passage tunnel in the middle of the building enables direct crossing throughout the site; from the Top Ryde to the neighborhood. A bus stop placed along the Delvin st. strengthens connection between the site and the rest of the city.

POSTER 3_328.jpg


Light & Wind Strategy:The ‘thinness’ of bar buildings is advantageous for effective ventilation. Prevailing wind from north west flows into the atrium in the three bars and arises to exhaust grill as it is heated. Atrium not only enable visual connections but also facilitate stack ventilation that helps decrease heating and cooling expenses.

And in terms of day lighting strategy, the building has two different approaches for the west and east/south/north facade. Vertical louvers on the west side of the building efficiently filters sun lights in the afternoon.Horizontal louvers on the rest of the facade filters sun lights during the summer season(summer solstice in Sydney is 79 degrees)and allows during the winter season(33 degrees).

Rainwater Collecting System: The average rainfall days in Ryde are between 10 to 20 days per month. The proposal integrates a rainwater collecting system into the roof and landscape design. Configuration of ‘Gable roof’ were designed in a way that they serve to collect rainwater. Rainwater travels from the tilted roof to the collecting bowls and eventually to the water tanks after filtration. All the collected water can be used again for the building itself or as the source of the on-site waterscape. The collecting bowls during sunny weather work as public gathering spaces, such as outdoor stage, skating area, and water fountain.

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PLAN_1 1500-1-01-02.jpg
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POSTER 3_328.jpg
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